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Health Requirements

Your pet must be up to date on the following vaccinations:

Dogs: Rabies, Bordetella, DHLP

Cats: Rabies, FVRCP; (Feline Leukemia recommended)

Frequency & necessity of each vaccination is determined & verified by your vet. Puppies must have had all 3 sets of puppy shots (Rabies, Bordetella & DHLP). We accept Titer Tests also. We allow a 10 day grace period for all vaccinations, with the exception of the Bordetella vaccine. Once the Bordetella expires, please allow 10 days after vaccination before bringing your dog in, to ensure effectiveness. All pets boarding or grooming with us must be in good general health. We cannot accept pets with severe illness or contagious disease.

Flea/Tick Pawlicy

All pets will be thoroughly examined upon entering Bed Bath & Biscuit. If any evidence of fleas or ticks is found, the pet will receive a flea treatment at the owners expense. All bedding must be entirely machine washable in hot water to help prevent transmission of fleas/ticks to other pets in the facility.


For boarding pets, we encourage you to bring personal belongings to help your pet feel more at home (including toys, bones & bedding). All bedding must be entirely machine washable in hot water. Although we will do our best to ensure that belongings are not lost, we cannot be responsible for any items left with your pet.

Medical Attention

Our goal at Bed Bath & Biscuit is to provide a safe, stress free environment for your pet. However, in the event that your pet needs medical care, after making every effort to contact you, we will contact your veterinarian. If we are unable to reach your vet or if your vet feels that your pet needs to be seen, we will contact one of our in-house veterinarians. Any cost arising from medical care will be the owners responsibility. This transportation is provided as a courtesy by Bed Bath & Biscuit.


Bed Bath & Biscuit accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover Card, American Express, personal checks, & cash. Full payment is due upon check out. There is a $5.00 surcharge fee for all major holidays.

Damage Deposits

Pets staying in our luxury suites, cabins & cat condos are not charged a deposit. However, the significant damage that could be sustained necessitates that we charge the pet owner for repair or replacement of bedding, Kuranda® beds, doors, wood trim or flooring.

Aggressive Pet Handling

Even the friendliest pet may react adversely to being in an enclosure. If handling your pet becomes dangerous, you will be asked to pick him/her up as soon as possible.

Abandoned Pets

In the case of an abandoned pet, Bed Bath & Biscuit will comply with Chapter 70 of the Texas State Property Code.

Emergency Contact Requirement

An emergency contact is required for all pets to board. The emergency contact cannot be the owners home or cell phone number, it must be a different contact that is capable of picking up the pet in an emergency situation.