Daycare can be a great opportunity for your dog to gain social experience with other friendly dogs, burn energy during the day and entertain him or her while you are away from home. The results and benefits of taking advantage of Daycare for dogs can include a more calm, happy companion at home.

Here at Bed Bath & Biscuit, we offer dog Daycare options that are designed to fit your schedule, whether you would like to drop your dog off to play for a couple of hours while you run errands, or leave him or her for an all day experience. Also offered are money saving multiple visit packages.

In the Bed Bath & Biscuit Daycare program, your dog will enjoy social play in a large, indoor climate-controlled playroom equipped with rubber floors that are easy on your dogs feet and joints. Two Daycare attendants supervise the Daycare group at all times. Throughout the day, your dog will get to play outside in the large Daycare yard. In nice weather, your dog can play outside longer and enjoy romping in the grass or lazing in the sun.

Planning for your first visit

To join our Daycare program, your dog must be current on all vaccinations, must be either spayed, neutered or under 6 months of age and must pass a temperament test. In the temperament test, our Daycare attendants will test your dog’s social skills with other dogs to ensure the safety of all dogs and attendants in the program.

Temperament Test Fee $15

Daycare Prices

For boarding guests

Half Day (4 hours): $10
Full Day (8 hours): $15
Temperament Test*: $15 (*required for first visit only)

For guests not boarding

Half Day (4 hours): $15
Full Day (8 hours): $25
Per Hour: $5
Temperament Test*: $15 (*required for first visit only)

Daycare is FUN for your pet at 'the Biscuit'.